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Taking Action

From the start of the global credit crisis in August of 2007, the Bank of Canada responded to the challenges facing the Canadian financial system. To promote liquidity in the markets, and to alleviate funding pressures, the Bank of Canada initiated term lending facilities in late 2007. As conditions in funding markets improved, the term liquidity facilities were allowed to expire.

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Meeting Monetary Policy Objectives

In response to the global financial crisis and the recession, the Bank of Canada lowered the target interest rate rapidly over the course of 2008 and early 2009 to its lowest possible level, established an operating framework for the implementation of monetary policy at the effective lower bound for the overnight rate and provided exceptional guidance on the future path of rates through its conditional commitment. To help ensure that it continued to hit its inflation target, the Bank also outlined a framework for quantitative and credit easing measures to lower longer-term borrowing rates.

With improvements in the economy, the Bank subsequently removed the conditional commitment, raised the overnight rate and re-established the standard operating framework for the implementation of monetary policy.